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Small plant for the production of mineral water at home

The latest water treatment system in a compact package, designed for the production of high-quality treated water using molecular filtration. Due to the improvement of existing and the use of innovative technologies developed by engineers BREGUS® achieved the highest quality filtration.


Bregus® ProTech 9 will provide your family with drinking water, without taking up a lot of space in the kitchen. The filter is equipped with easily removable cartridges that facilitate and minimize the installation and maintenance, as well as innovative mechanisms and devices to protect against leaks and excessive pressure.


years in the development of new technologies


quality cleaning


years of warranty


hours for connection

Why BREGUS ProTech – it is profitable

Buying BREGUS® ProTech 9 you get cutting-edge technology from the company BREGUS®, only apply in BREGUS® ProTech 9, quality assurance, as well as warranty and after-sales service.


At the moment, the reverse osmosis system BREGUS® ProTech – leader in the number of implemented technological developments.


1. Easily removable cartridge technology is already known to European consumers. Thanks to it, now do not need to use force and additional keys.

2. Water Leak Detector® – BREGUS® technology, that prevents water leakage. The technology is unique.


3. Sealed membrane – the new safety standard, which is to focus the European consumer.


4. Closed pressurization technology without electricity allows to get drinking water at a lower pressure without the need to connect to electricity. Developed by BREGUS®.

Benefits BREGUS ProTech 9


Water filter BREGUS® ProTech 9 filters in the storage tank located inside the housing, clean drinking water, which can be used at any time of the day. The performance of the filter is enough for a family of 5 people. A cleaning quality allows to drink water is not boiled.


BREGUS® combines the best technology industry for the past few years, with the latest technology BREGUS®

The filter was developed in the second half of 2015 and entered the sale in January 2016.


A new standard in the development of systems for purifying water – all elements are placed in the housing. This creates additional convenience and saves space in the kitchen, protecting all parts cleaning equipment from external pollutants and accidental mechanical damage.


The membrane is sealed in the housing, which guarantees its safety and the inability of illegal replacement during transport and storage.


Innovative device developed by engineers BREGUS®, – Water Leak Detector and Pressure Reducer – ensure the safety of the use of water purification systems, protect against potential water supply pressure surges and water leaks.


Filter housing protects the internal components from dust and other external contaminants. Now your new filter will be clean and you will be pleased to show it to your guests.


The elegant look of the body allows you to place a filter in a conspicuous place or decorate any place in the kitchen. Fully enclosed casing will protect the filter from the cooking process.


Bregus® Company is a manufacturer in the field of energy-saving technology products. We control the quality of its products, all products passing through several stages of control, as well as produce its after-sales service. In the production of the attention paid to the quality of materials, build quality and performance, which in total gives the product the best quality and a leading position in the industry. Ctrogo standards allow us to give a guarantee on their products for a period of 5 years, and the life of the product – from 30 years.


Thanks to the new technologies covered BREGUS® ProTech saves money by reducing the consumption of water consumed.

Environmental friendliness

In the production BREGUS® ProTech 9 used food polypropylene, which may come in contact with water, walking on the use in drinking, cooking and in drinks.
In addition, we offer our customers pouchavstvovat The program of care for the ecology – the company BREGUS by the client may withdraw the used cartridges for recycling plastic.


Most important – something for which was created a water filter BREGUS® ProTech 9 – is to obtain high-quality drinking water for the health of the entire family for a long time.
Standard – up to two liters of clean drinking water per day.


The best price/performance ratio available today. the third generation of reverse osmosis systems BREGUS® ProTech 9 is cheaper and more reliable generation of reverse osmosis systems of the second.


What every woman dreams of? The fact that her meals were delicious!

Food and beverages prepared with clean water always tastes better.


What every mother dreams? About the health of all family members!

Daily norm – 0.25 liters of pure water per 9 kg.


What are the dream of every head of the family? The fact that the device is working properly, and investments have been justified!

BREGUS® ProTech – the most reliable water filter, and the resulting clean water will extend the service life of electric kettles, irons, humidifiers, etc.


What dream of children? About to hurry a drink of water and run on about their business!

You just open the drinking faulcet, which We establish next to the plumbing, and typing a refreshing glass of drinking water!


Company BREGUS® offers water filter BREGUS® ProTech 9, which combines all of the above solutions!


Price of BREGUS® ProTech 9 – €591.

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