BREGUS® Alkaline-Redox

BREGUS® Alkaline-Redox

Drink water with improved pH and ORP for 30 days and feel a great effect!

Take the challenge BREGUS® ALKALINE-REDOX!

Alkaline water is the best drinking water for our body. It has a high pH, i.e., the reaction potential with hydrogen, and negative ORP, that is, the saturation potential of free electrons.


Optimum balance

Alkaline water prevents fermentation in the digestive system, indirectly reducing such substances as bisulfate, ammonia, histamine, indole, phenol, skatole.



Family Health

The content of active hydrogen, expressed by negative ORP, has a great influence on the cleansing of the body, delays aging of cells and improves general health, including the prevention of disease.


Improves state of health

The best values of ORP and pH are obtained immediately after the water has got into the cup, therefore, water, obtained directly from the Alkaline-Redox system, is most useful for the organism.



The price of one liter of alkaline water in shops and Internet sites is very high. Having installed your own Bregus Alkaline Redox system, your fixed costs will be returned in about 3 months with a family of four. In addition, you will save money spent on drugs or delivery of purchased water.

The best water for training

With the consumption of alkaline water, after exercise we will quickly get rid of soreness and fatigue in the muscles.

Lose weight!

I must admit that for some time now I have been drinking this water and I am less attracted to the sweet.

I love sweets, but as I started to drink this water, it became easier for me to limit myself to sweets. A month and a half ago I decided to lose 10 kg. I started drinking water about 2 liters a day. Losing weight for me was very easy, I lost just under 10 kg. Of course, I also changed the food, but I’m sure that this alkaline water helped me.


Water is recommended for pregnant women, who in this particular period themselves have an increased need for useful minerals. They are necessary for neutralizing acidic substances with the fetus. It is important to drink alkaline water to reduce morning sickness, which often accompanies future mothers.



BREGUS® Alkaline-Redox

is designed for standard pressures of 3-6 bar

BREGUS® Alkaline-Redox GP

is equipped with a non-electric BREGUS® Gravity Pump and is designed for pressures below 3 bar

Our managers will help you in choosing the right model!



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